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MAY 31–JUNE 3, 2012

2011 Photographers Listing


Project Titles

Aaron BlumBorn and Raised: Reflections of a World Set Aside
Alix SmithStates of Union
Amy AndersonCrossroads
Andrea TeseThe Old Story in a New Way
Andrew BeckhamHaunted
Angus FraserShrine
Ayala GazitWas it a Dream
Brent DanielsRoad Treasures
Camille SeamanThe Big Cloud
Chiara TocciLife after Zog (and other stories)
Christina ClusiauIron Country
Christopher CapozzielloThe Distance Between Us
Christopher DawsonCoverage
Christopher MortensonLife in the Middle
Clint BaclawskiHype
Cynthia BittenfieldRowing for Shore with Sinking Ships All Around
Daniel TraubLots
Daryl PevetoAmerican Nomads
David RochkindEPIDEMIC: TB in the Global Community
David SchalliolIsolated Building Studies
Dawn RoscoeExquisite Suburbia
Dima GavryshInshallah...
Dina LitovskyUntag This Photo
Donna J. WanPromised Lands
Eamon Mac MahonNorthwest
Edgar Ailor III and Edgar Ailor IVBlue Highways Revisited
Ejen ChuangCosplay in America
Emile Hyperion DubuissonSiberia, The Far North
Gregg SegalState of the Union
Guillaume SimoneauLove and War
Jamey StillingsThe Bridge at Hoover Dam
Jared SoaresOn The Block: Hip Hop Culture in Small Town Virginia
Jason JaacksReturn to Elwha
Jean-Michel ReedHousing Bubble
Jeff KruegerHistoric Trees of America
Jeffrey GogginSuperior After Dark
Jenn Ackerman and Tim GruberMiss
Jessamyn LovellA New Age
Jesse and Jason PearsonIron Sights In The Round
Jesse BurkeBlind
Jesse RieserClass of 99 Turns 30
Joanna BlackThe shell of the insane and the infirm
John FaierQueen of Heaven
Jordan TateNew Work
Jose BeltranDespite/Embargo
Joyce P. LopezThe Trouble With Birds
Judy NatalFuture Perfect
Justin MaxonWhen the Spirit Moves
Justin NewhallNorthern Studies
Kaho YuThe infinitesimal residual vibration of an unknown sound
Karen StromIllusions of Reality
Kevin KunishiLos Restos de la Revolucion
Ki ParkEverything Must Go
Lacey TerrelloffSET
Laura El-TantawyI'll Die For You: suicide in rural india
Laura NoelSmokers
Lauren LancasterPlaying Normal
Lex ThompsonAll Our Pleasant Places
Linda AlterwitzDiscarded Dreams
Lydia PanasFalling From Grace...
Mark BrautigamOn Wisconsin
Mark PetermanMasonry: A Way of Life
Mark SlankardToplu: Landscapes of New Turkish Suburbia
Matt SlabyBlack Tide
Matthew BlackSisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Identity Writ Large
McNair EvansGone Home
Michele Palazzi and Alessandro PensoMigrant Workers Journey
Michelle GivenAccommodations
Mike Rebholz10 Weeks
Monika MervaThe City of Children
Morgan AshcomWest of Meigsico
Norihisa HosakaPax Technodelica
Paccarik OrueThere Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here
Paul KranzlerBrut
Paul Riderthe negative space
Photographer HALFlesh Love
Priscilla BriggsThe Road to Shantou
Priya KambliColor Falls Down
Rhea KaramBreathing Walls
Rizwan MirzaGlow, the Forest of Light
Robert Harding PittmanAnonymization
Ruben ReyesThe Raramuri
Ryan Spencer ReedDetroit Forsaken
Sarah MalakoffLiving Arrangements
Sarah SudhoffAt the Hour of Our Death
Scott ChandlerFordlandia
Sean SalyardsCape Coral, FL 33993
Sebastian ListeBahia
Sebrina FassbenderThe women below 14th Street
Stephen VaughanA Catfish Sleeps
Tamas DezsoHere, Anywhere
Todd StewartFirst Light, Last Day of Summer
Tom M JohnsonLakewood: A Photographic Journal of a Sacred American Suburb
Vance GellertTracking the Jaguar: Seeking the Spirit of Healing
William D. WadePassage of My Father
William MebaneEMPIRE
William RugenWestern Dioramas
Yolanda del AmoArchipelago

Tamas Dezso

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